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ICD-10 is coming – Beaumont will help you prepare

On Oct. 1, 2014, the ICD-9 code set used to report medical diagnoses on facility and professional claims, as well as for facility inpatient procedures, will be replaced by the ICD-10 code set. While physician offices will continue to use CPT codes for procedures and E/M codes, the ICD-10 format will be used for diagnoses. The diagnoses and documentation needed in ICD-10 for physician practices, including those diagnoses and codes on encounter forms and orders, will need to be updated to the new ICD-10 format before Oct. 1, 2014.

The ICD-10 codes provide more complete and specific data that will help to improve patient care and enable the exchange of health care information. With this improvement in the codes also comes the need for training in both the new code system and documentation needs at physician offices.

To assist physician offices in this conversion, Beaumont will provide two new tools. Training will be available starting in early 2014. A newsletter with tips and educational resources, called the “ICD-10 Lifeline,” soon will be provided to physician offices and other Beaumont staff.

Be sure to watch the Beaumont “ICD-10 Lifeline” for additional information, including instructions on available education and other ICD-10 educational needs.